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On April 15th 2014 I woke up with the idea of creating a symbol which would respresent me and my work.
When I went on Facebook a couple of hours later I saw a documentary film about Sacred Geometry, which I had always found fascinating.
After watching this documentary I grabbed a book about sacred geometry from my bookshelf and started drawing.
I started noticing certain patterns and it turned out that the shapes that spoke to me most, had a lot of things that interested me…
I’m a quite spiritual person and I happen to know that my solar plexus chakra is the most powerful chakra I have, it represents drive, ambition, strenght etc…
It turned out that the solar plexus chakra looked exactly like the image I had drawn.
Intuitively I started to finish my logo and noticed that I had been incorporating a lot of things that fascinate me and that are related to my work!
I saw the RGB/CMYK colour models in my logo, I saw the universal 5 elements, I noticed I had exactly 4 smaller triangles in 1 bigger triangle respresenting the 4 fields of business I work in and ofcourse a V and an A which stands for Visual Artist. I finished the logo that same day.
Most of my work is done intuitively but I was still gobsmacked at how powerful this symbol was and how much it meant to me.
I therefore decided to treat it as a personal symbol if you will. And no… I do not think I’m Prince or ‘The Artist formerly known as…’. 😉 (I do love his music though)
But I do think the design for this logo didn’t come to me for nothing.  It kinda reminded me of the origin of my company name ‘Nova Visuals’. I woke up one morning and the name ‘Nova’ was going through my head and I had no idea where it came from and it felt like it just came to me.  Same goes for this design. I therefore ask everyone not to copy of reproduce this design. This goes for all my work obviously but this is something very personal and dear to my heart. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.