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Back at ING!

I love working at ING as a freelance Visual Designer.
I work with some wonderful people and they always make me feel appreciated.
After spending 6 months freelancing fulltime at ING I was invited back in August 2014 to work on a new project.
It was a wonderful 3 week journey and to my surprise I was told each day how much they appreciate my work and high-end Photoshop skills.

The Dutch are quite sober people and they don’t often tell others how much they appreciate them.
So it was a very warm experience to hear such lovely words each and every day.
It was something i’d only experienced before when working in London.
It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^

Thank you for the wonderful teamwork guys and see you soon!
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“VI IV VII V” – New SMO album!

Well have I got news for you!
The Swinging Mood Orchestra (SMO in short) is a music & art’s collective which I am a proud member of.
SMO is currently working hard on the new album and i’m working hard to create wonderful videos leading up to the release.
Yesterday on 6-4-14′, we released the very first teaser.
And I must say…. it really is a right ol’ tease!

I can’t say too much about it yet but why don’t you have a look for yourself?
The video was made by me and the music was created by Norman Kapoyos, the founder of  The Swinging Mood Orchestra.
Every single sound you hear was made on his guitar! Isn’t that cool?
Who knew guitars could sound like that?! Well I didn’t….
Whatever you’re feeling or whatever thoughts come up when watching this…. that is EXACTLY what we wanted to achieve with this!
Ok, that’s all I can say for now…



Shooting in Paris

On June 30th I jetted off to Paris for Lifestyle & Jetset online magazine to accompany journalist Stephanie Scholte as a photographer.
We were there for 3 days to shoot a couple of fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week.
Besides shooting ‘Mode à Paris’, we also had to do a couple of restaurant reviews and make a report about the city itself.

Shooting Paris Fashion Week

Shooting Paris Fashion Week Winter 2013/2014
This was my first time in the photographers pit at a fashion show, luckily I did my research so I knew exactly what to expect and what to do to claim a good spot so I felt confident.
The experience was a lot more satisfying than I thought it would be.
Despite the fact that every photographer is in fact a rival there was still a sense of ‘togetherness’.
When waiting to enter the shows I hear photographers talk about their experiences in the pit, some were quite nasty I might say…..a couple of photographers from America were talking about how they got beat up by a fellow photographer in the pit and how they were bleeding when they left the pit.
I guess being a woman in the pit has it’s advantages, the men in the pit were quite helpful actually.
One British photographer was nice enough to shine a light on my photography case so I could see my code lock.
If they weren’t helping me out they’d leave me alone.
The pit is a bit of a ‘man’s world’ but they’d rather hit each other than hurt a woman. Lucky me.
So all in all it was a good experience and i’m happy with the results.

Stephane Rolland PWF winter collection ’13/14

Go to portfolio

Ciel de Paris – restaurant on the 56th floor
On the first day of our stay in Paris we went to a luxurious restaurant on the 56th floor of a building in the midst of Paris.
It’s definitely a restaurant people visit for the views so I had a great time taking pictures! Besides that, the staff was pleasant, the food was great and the views were to die for!

Read the full report written by Stephanie Scholte. (Dutch)


The Swinging Mood Orchestra recording session

Norman Kapoyos & The Swinging Mood Orchestra are currently working on their second studio album so on Monday 25th March I went to the Wisseloord Studio’s in Hilversum to capture the mood with my trusty camera.

It’s such a privilege to have these amazingly talented people in front of my camera and to hear what they do best…. make brilliant music!
All I can say is that this album is gonna be gold!
Check my portfolio for some of these lovely black & white images.


Sylvia joined ‘The Swinging Mood Orchestra’

On February 14th, I was asked to join an amazing music & arts collective in The Netherlands called ‘The Swinging Mood Orchestra’.
Within this collective I have the freedom to do all kinds of creative things as a visual artist/creative.
I’m currently working on a new logo for SMO and will post the results to this website as soon as possible.
I love the opportunity i’m getting to work with these amazingly talented people and I will be keeping you guys up to date on everything i’m gonna be doing within this collective.

You can follow us on Facebook and we will also be launching a new website sometime this year, accompanied by a new studio album! (how exciting!)


About the collective

The Swinging Mood Orchestra is a music & arts collective, founded in 2005 and led by composer/performer Norman Kapoyos

“Because of styles, people are seperated. They are not united together, because styles became law. But the original founder of the style started out with hypotheses” – Lee Jun Fan

The Swinging Mood Orchestra was conceived in the summer of 1996 by Norman Kapoyos as a group that would have the ability to swing from one style to another (and back)
SMO is not so much a band as it is a community of musicians and performers.
The Swinging Mood Orchestra therefore has no definitive line-up. The group is constantly being reformed to fit the artistic views and personal development of it’s leader.