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E: info@sylviadeboer.com | KVK: 50481983 | BTW: 198784521B01

I am now available for Voice-Acting, Dubbing and Voice-over services

I am finally available for Voice- Acting, Dubbing and Voice-Over! Whoohoo!
I’m currently working hard to create more demo’s but the first ones are now available on my SoundCloud.
Why don’t you come and have a listen? 😀 Dutch and English!
Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 14.23.10

Sylvia the designer, photographer, video editor, dancer and voice-over?

13934565_10157282616615054_2848382325867137774_nEver since I was a little kid I silently dreamed of doing voice-over work.
I often sat infront of the tv with the sound off creating my own voice-overs.
In recent years i’ve been taking a lot of singing classes to improve my karaoke singing ;), and overall voice control. This led to my first live performance and i’ve recently decided to add voice-over work to my list of skills due to many positive reactions and encouragement from friends and family.

I bought all the voice-over gear I needed and have started taking workshops.
I’m currently working on my demo’s and will post them as soon as possible.
This means my company Nova Visuals will soon be able to offer voice-over’s as well!
I’m super excited about this and i’m looking forward to work with all of you. ~ Sylvia

Intuitive doodling

I’ve been having a bit more free time this year so I finally had time to try out some new ways of artistic expression.
My creativity seems to be at an all-time high and i’m more in tune with my intuition than ever before!
I am someone who always strives to become a better person and therefore self-development is a big part of my life.
I trust my intuition a 100% so I decided to go back to simple pen and paper and go completely free hand!
Creating patterns without knowing what i’m actually making.
The first test was so inspiring that I decided to keep doodling.
The colours were also completely intuitive and were actually made on the computer.
They are anything but perfect, but that’s what I love about them!
I can find so many flaws in these images, but they don’t seem to bother me, because they came from the heart.
I find intuitive doodling to be a wonderful asset to my work as a Graphic Designer.
They inspire me to come up with new shapes, styles and patterns. – Sylvia

First intuitive doodle test


First test with digital colour added

First elaborate test – Earth, Wind, Fire, Metal, Wood, Water

First elaborate test with digital colour added

Intuitive geometrical shape – Triangle

Intuitive geometrical shape  with added digital colour

Freelancer of the year 2016 finalist

Last month I got a call from the Freelancer of the year awards that they picked me as a wild card finalist because they were impressed with the wonderful reviews I got from clients.
Out of more than 10.000 freelancers that signed up i’m currently part of the last 100 finalists and part of the last 10 finalists within my field ‘design, photography, video’.

They had an event last month where they help you to create the perfect pitch.
However…. I was in Thailand at the time so I recorded the video on a compact camera at the hotel I was staying at and sent it out to the judges.
This is the final result.

Watching the video and giving it a thumbs up on youtube will help me gain points in the competition so please have a look at my pitch. 🙂
It will only take about 40 seconds of your time.

The finals are on April 2nd 2016 in Amsterdam.

In this Dutch article you can read more about me and the competition;



Designing for the biggest online webshop in The Netherlands

11907191_10155935282025054_8413871384041877284_nHi guys,
I thought i’d give you an update on what i’ve been doing for the past couple of months.
In August ’15 I was contacted about a position as a freelance designer at Bol.com.
I was super excited because i’ve been wanting to work for Bol.com for years.
One of the current designers was going on a 6 month trip around the world so they contacted me to fill in for him fulltime.
Within a week or 2 I was sitting behind my desk at Bol.com.
Working at Bol.com is whatever you make of it
You can just design banners and do a lot of front-end work if that is all you want to do.
Or you can take matters into your own hands and make the job more fitting to your own personal preferences.
Within our design team every designer has their own strenghts and weaknesses.
Some are amazing at print whilst others thrive when it comes to front-end development.
Every designer is hired based on their ability to design banners and their knowledge of HTML.
However…. everyone has something else they exceed in.

sdeboer_portfolio_bannersWhat makes me different from other designers is my ability to shoot my own photo’s for banners and my wide range of interests.
So besides making banners for Bol.com and writing HTML, I sometimes like to grab the office camera and shoot pictures for the banners i’m working on. (see photo) I’ve also grown a lot when it comes to print and i’ve just finished a flyer for Bol.com and L’oreal Paris which will feature in Linda magazine.

During the first 3 months a lot has happened.
Famous Dutch singer Marco Borsato (see photo) came by to launch his very own shop within Bol.com
90’s duo 2Unlimited came by to sing a couple of their old hits and Santa Clause came by in err….. september to spread the holiday cheer and hand out chocolates.
And that’s not the best part…. now they’re working hard to create a Bol.com playground outside the building! Yes no joke!! Whohooo
I’m gonna be hogging the swings during lunchbreaks! 😉

I’m having a great time doing the things I like. It’s incredibly hard work but I always make sure to take my 30 minute stroll outside to clear my head and boost my creativity. 🙂 – Sylvia