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Intuitive doodling

I’ve been having a bit more free time this year so I finally had time to try out some new ways of artistic expression.
My creativity seems to be at an all-time high and i’m more in tune with my intuition than ever before!
I am someone who always strives to become a better person and therefore self-development is a big part of my life.
I trust my intuition a 100% so I decided to go back to simple pen and paper and go completely free hand!
Creating patterns without knowing what i’m actually making.
The first test was so inspiring that I decided to keep doodling.
The colours were also completely intuitive and were actually made on the computer.
They are anything but perfect, but that’s what I love about them!
I can find so many flaws in these images, but they don’t seem to bother me, because they came from the heart.
I find intuitive doodling to be a wonderful asset to my work as a Graphic Designer.
They inspire me to come up with new shapes, styles and patterns. – Sylvia

First intuitive doodle test


First test with digital colour added

First elaborate test – Earth, Wind, Fire, Metal, Wood, Water

First elaborate test with digital colour added

Intuitive geometrical shape – Triangle

Intuitive geometrical shape  with added digital colour

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